Product Overview


ComSifter is a hardware-and-software, set-it-and-forget-it appliance that plugs into your network and redirects all Internet traffic to itself. Only the ComSifter communicates directly with the Internet. Internet information for all other computers (e.g., Windows, Apple, Linux) must first go through the filter system built into the ComSifter.

Three models of ComSifter are available. Model CS-1, with one filter, is designed for organizations that have similar filtering needs for all users. CS-1 may be installed by non-technical personnel.

Model CS-8, with eight configurable filters, is designed for organizations that have different filtering needs for different users. It also allows computers to be blocked or bypassed by client username and includes advanced tools and utilities to assist the System Administrator in installing, configuring and testing ComSifter.

Model CS-8 Pro expands upon the capabilities of the CS-8 by adding an industrial strength rules-based firewall/router, integration with Microsoft Active Directory and advanced user and network reporting utilities.

Click here for a comparison matrix of CS-1, CS-8 and CS-8 Pro.

Features (CS-1, CS-8 and CS-8 Pro)