Product Matrix

ComSifter Product Matrix


Features CS-1 CS-8 CS-8 Pro
Supports Microsoft Windows® 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP Apple MAC, Linux. YES YES YES
Stops access to pornography, hate and gambling sites. YES YES YES
Blocks downloading of harmful and illegal files including mp3 music files. YES YES YES
Blocks instant messenger, chat and peer-2-peer file sharing programs. YES YES YES
Blocks major advertising sites reducing bandwidth usage and local hard drive storage. YES YES YES
Filters networks with several hundred computers. YES YES YES
CSphrase Filter Technology analyzes every word on web page. YES YES YES
500,000+ site Blacklist updated daily or weekly. YES YES YES
Built in DHCP server. YES YES YES
Built in Caching Proxy. YES YES YES
Easy to install, no required maintenance. YES YES YES
No seat licensing is standard. YES YES YES
Master Filter allowing fast, system wide changes. YES YES YES
12 configurable words/phrases categories. YES YES YES
10 configurable filter groups per individual filter. YES YES YES
Configuration for extensions, MIME, sensitivity. YES YES YES
Security Log File. YES YES YES
User Access Log File. YES YES YES
Module Based Administrator Functions. YES YES YES
Comprehensive search facility for finding words, domains, URLs, extension and MIME types in the filter. YES YES YES
Wizards for advanced functions. YES YES YES
Top Sites Report. YES YES YES
Hours of Operation allowing access to the Internet to be enabled or disabled by filter.   YES YES
Warn & Go for temporary viewing of web site.   YES YES
Eight configurable filters.   YES YES
Individual users may be assigned to a filter.   YES YES
Individual users or computers can be blocked or can bypass.   YES YES
Active Directory Integration.   YES YES
Secure Remote Administration.     YES
Industrial strength rules-based firewall/router.     YES
Firewall Access Log.     YES
Outbound QOS.     YES
High Performance Throughput     YES